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About the Organization

Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov, a family of exotic and wild animal veterinarians founded the Vet Crew Foundation and the Vet Crew Veterinary Hospital with the primary goal of rescue and preservation of animal lives. The couple has dedicated their lives to the protection and preservation of the entire Animal World!

Note that VetCrew also uses funds donated to them to support other shelters in the Odesa region. You can see their daily rounds delivering food on their Instagram stories.

When the war came many animals were abandoned in the war zone, with no chance of survival. The Vet Crew team decided to stay in Ukraine and help all the animals affected by the war, as much as possible, accepting not only the wildlife but domestic pets of all kinds.

Vet Crew is located in Odesa, Ukraine.



You can donate to VetCrew via PayPal to: / Leonid Stoianov

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Bank Transfer

IBAN Account No: UA70 322001 00000 2620 6326 6243 90

Recipient: Stoianova Valentyna

Recipient Address: street: Academic 5V 5th floor, city: Odessa, region: Odessa, postal code: 6500, country: UKRAINE

Bank: JSC Universal Bank, Kyiv, UKRAINE


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Donate in UAH (Транзакції по Україні):

Одержувач: Стоянова Валентина Юріївна

IBAN: UA113220010000026209325977681

ІПН/ЄДРПОУ: 3417204822

Призначення платежу: поповнення рахунку

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SWIFT payment USD:


IBAN: UA 70 322001 00000 2620 6326 6243 90

Account No: 26206326624390

Receiver: STOIANOVA VALENTYNA, 65000, Ukraine, reg. Odessa, c. Odessa, st. Academic, build. 5V, fl. 5

SWIFT payment EUR:


IBAN: UA 23 322001 00000 2620 4326 5704 02

Account No: 26204326570402

Receiver: STOIANOVA VALENTYNA, 65000, Ukraine, reg. Odessa, c. Odessa, st. Academic, build. 5V, fl. 5

Account with institution: Beneficiary Bank




Details of Payment: It is very important to specify the purpose of the payment correctly. Choose the option you want depending on who sent you the payment:

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Donations in Cryptocurrency

BTC: 33Ydfkx2UBNypCKxbfTtgUBkGk2tnYhvxj

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