Zoonadia Varash

About the Organization

Zoonadia Varash is an animal rescue organisation, located in Varash, Rivne region in Western Ukraine, and run fully by a small group of women volunteers. Every day they work with stray animals and with animals at a dog retention center (temporary shelter). Zoonadia provides vaccination, sterilisation, and medical care to animals funded purely by the volunteers' personal funds and charitable donations. Zoonadia's team works on rehoming all of their animals to caring forever homes. Currently one of the volunteers houses more than 10 injured and disabled animals in her studio apartment, those who couldn't survive on their own. The dog retention centre has more than 100 dogs. All dogs and cats are much loved, well looked after, and well-fed. Almost 50 of these dogs were abandoned by their owners since the war began. Volunteers report that all abandoned animals struggle emotionally and miss their humans terribly.



Donate to Zoonadia Varash via PayPal to: reginahlestun@gmail.com

PrivatBank and Monobank Transfers


Card number: 4149 4993 8228 5813


Card number: 4441 1144 1298 2066

Donations of goods

The shelter is currently in need of the following:

  • dog food (dry, wet);

  • cereals for porridge preparation;

  • Chicken (heads, necks, hulls, boulʹjonnij set, škt, paws) and other meat subproducts;

  • flea and tick remedies, anti-worms (Advocate, Simparica, Advantix, Biheldon, etc);

  • antibiotics (ceftriaxone, meloxivet);

  • vaccines for dogs (Vanguard, Duramun, Giscan serums)

  • crates and dog houses

  • bowls, pots (preferably large dogs)

  • buckets 10 - 30 liters for food storage and transport

  • harnesses, collars, and leashes

  • straw for enclosures and beds

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